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We offer a selection of packages for you designed to fit all levels of budgets. We believe that eveyone should be able to get the help they need on these special days. Check out our Packages section and let us know which one is perfect for you.
Is the perfect day just a few months away, or even closer? We're here to help! We will work with you to get it all put together in a snap. Just because its going to be a short engagement doesn't mean you have to sacrifice you vision.
The process of planning a big event can get confusing and stressful at time. Our job is to take the stress from you so that you can find the joy in planning the day. We'll take the confusion and make sense of it for you. We welcome your questions and concerns. Just ask.
The Emergency Kit.
Wedding Websites
The emergency kit is every Coordinator's best friend, we never leave home with out it. 1,000 big things can go perfectly on the big day but when the one small thing goes wrong, its stressfull and we want it fixed as soon as possible. Chances are the fix is in the Kit. From tweezers to bug spray to hem tape to Tums and eye lash glue and back again. We carry emergency kits filled to the brim with almost anything we'll need in the event of an 'Emergency'.
​​We live in the ever changing fast paced world. A fact that has not been lost on the wedding world. A wedding website is something that many newly engaged couples are setting up. They allow their guests to become part of the process and follow their journey. Some couples might take a poll from their personal wedding site to ask their friends and family opinions about main dishes or a signature cocktail for the reception. They're a great way to keep everyone involved and as excited about your big day as you are. And we can help with set up and updating. Just ask us how.